Universe stands out among other brands in its commitment to sustainable practices and a unique perspective on product development, because of the visionary approach of its founder, Amanda Christine Harth. At the core of Universe's identity is the fusion of innovation and responsibility, setting it apart in the competitive landscape. Universe's dedication to product creation goes beyond the traditional boundaries. The brand understands that true comfort extends beyond physical sensations; it includes a sense of ethical satisfaction in knowing that the products are crafted with care for the environment and the people involved in the process.


    Inspired by her up bringing the founder of Universe of Harth, Amanda, draws inspiration from her family. She uses fragrances as a time capsule to share her experiences as a child of four and grandchild of eleven. Growing with a strong foundation of love, support, and encouragement UoH was created to make where ever you call home, home.

    We are the embodiment of your favorite core memory. The best parts of our past often lay dormant, waiting to be used as guides to catapult us into our futures. When we awaken these memories, we often feel a greater sense of belonging, meaning, and security. Our uniquely curated sensory experiences allow people to be more open to future possibilities by unifying “then” with “right now.”


    Meet Amanda Christine Harth—a serial entrepreneur and teaching artist with a heart for simplicity and artisanship. Armed with a BA in Fashion Design, her creative journey centers around the charming realms of scent design, textile research, and product development.

    Amanda has crafted fragrances that tell stories for various brands. But she doesn't stop there—she's been sharing her passion and know-how for four years, teaching classes that unravel the enchanting tales behind the creation and history of fragrances.

    In Amanda's world, simplicity meets artistry, where her love for design and the joy of sharing knowledge come together seamlessly.